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Pacquiao vs. Bradley 3: Freddie Roach Admits Pacquiao is 'Not The Same Guy' Who Fought Ricky Hatton

Famed trainer Freddie Roach says eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao is "not the same guy" that fought and knocked out Ricky Hatton in 2009.

"Pacman" scored a one-punch stoppage in the second round of their fight, which to this day remains to be one of the most emphatic finishes in recent boxing history. Pacquiao is now 37-years old and fighting his 66th and supposed final fight against Timothy Bradley on April 9th in Las Vegas.
In an interview with Steve Kim for Boxingscene, Roach admitted that his most prized ward is beginning to show the effects of aging.
"It's pretty much the same but he has slowed down a little bit – I will honestly say that. He's not the same guy who fought Ricky Hatton, right now," Roach said. "Of course, he's getting older and so forth but he's still very, very capable."
Pacquiao and his team are already in Los Angeles, training in Roach's Wild Card Gym in West Hollywood. As far as his progress in training goes, Roach says they are in great shape, describing their Saturday sparring session as Pacquiao's "best day yet."
Roach also commended Pacquiao's work ethic, noting how "everything else goes away" whenever the Filipino boxing icon walked in the gym.
Pacquiao had repeatedly declared in past interviews that his rubber match against Bradley would indeed be his final ring appearance after a 20-year professional career. After which, he will be concentrating on being a full-time politician in his home country of the Philippines.
Pacquiao will be running for Senator in the 2016 Philippine Elections, which is set to take place on May 9th.
But despite these statements, Roach believes Pacquiao will not be able to let go of his life as a professional prizefighter.
"(Manny) says no, he's running for Senator and it might be too much to do both," Roach said when asked if he thinks Pacquiao would indeed be retiring. "But I feel he will fight again, yes."

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Pacquiao-Bradley: Fasten Your Seat Belts

With under a month to visit the Manny Pacquiao -Tim Bradley boxing saga, it is possible to almost hear Paul Revere, riding down Santa Monica Boulevard toward the Wild Card Boxing Club.

“Manny is originating! Manny is arriving!”

This ride has to be bit more complicated for old Paul, not only because he is a couple of hundred years old now, but as he will have to carry over a lantern.

He need a couple of large sacks.

In one, you will see fliers using the usual fight promotion stuff:

“April 9, Las Vegas! The Rubber Match! Don’t Miss It! Will Tim Pack the Big Punch??? Or Will Manny Brand Bradley???”

Then, you will have the other sack filled with printed material:

“Boycott Manny! Make Pacquiao Pack His Bags! Nike Was Right! Gays and Lesbians Have Power Punches, Too!”

While Bradley trains inside Palm Springs desert, mostly from the madding crowd, Pacquiao is going to stroll strait into the middle of one. He arrives on the Philippines and starts learning Freddie Roach’s Wild Card gym Monday. For past fights, those arrivals always brought some buzz and also a crowd. That’s because Pacquiao was being among the most popular and generous-with-his-time athletes on the globe.

But my, how products have changed.

Pacquiao might expect a media rush like few athletes have experienced before. That might be identified more by tone than numbers. He has yet to handle, personally, the songs in the United States for his statement on a monthly basis or so ago, the now infamous three-word utterance that gays and lesbians sex with like-gender people made them “worse than animals.”

There can be more TV trucks beyond the Wild Card than circled the blocks of downtown Los Angeles for that O.J. trial. Sound bites are going to be like gold. Pacquiao’s existence round the gym can make it feel less just like a boxing center and more as being a daily perp walk. His promoter, Top Rank’s Bob Arum, ought to spend more money on security compared to rent to the April 9 fight’s MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Editors will need their reporters to obtain the story. Same with broadcast news directors. TMZ’s Harvey Levin may acquire permanent goosebumps. Pacquiao could need something being a Pope Mobile in order to get lunch.

It doesn’t seem like one, big, attempt-to-tell-all news conference will suffice, although clearing air in one shot does usually clean out the parking a lot of TV trucks and nerdy looking people who have notepads. It could even backfire, if Pacquiao’s tries to explain himself keep end up a lot more pouring gasoline using a fire.

He says he is sorry for offending people—the classic non-denial denial—and has even attemptedto back his statement by reading from scripture that requires gay and lesbians that are incredible their misdeed. That didn’t douse the flames. It fanned them.

The Pacquiao camp might plan to play the no-distraction game and severely limit access. But that’s not normally how boxing, nor Arum, work. Arum, who was simply appalled by Pacquiao’s statement and said so publicly, hasn't ever seen negative things as anti-promotional. He has created a variety of them himself throughout the years. Just because.

So which way will this go? How much pressure can the media awaken, and the way much will Arum even take into consideration that, especially from lots of those broadcast outlets that seldom even mention major fight results on their own all-inclusive and deeply analytic 1-minute 43-second sports shows around the evening news? Arum may blow them off, just like they have him with the exceptional fights for many these years. Or, he might see them as gullible suckers that will take any type of bland 15-second blurb and go to the studio along with it.

In different ways, the struggle itself now seems being a distraction on the story of Congressman Pacquiao’s politics and the way his statement will affect his chances inside the May 9 Philippine Senatorial election. Let’s check election polls, and run stories about how precisely, just maybe, Pacquiao’s statement inside heavily Catholic and devout religious country on the Philippines could have struck the perfect cord, instead of a negative one, and this will get him elected.

Oh, yes. And there has to be fight April 9. Have we even contemplated his left hook?

It’s an incredible puzzle. What will happen when Manny arrives? How tough, or wimpy, will the typical media be within this story? Will there be much more of his sponsors turning their back on him, ala Nike? And will Levin’s checkbook be fat enough to acquire yet another story for TMZ? Will there be a story concerning the story-gatherers for that Columbia Journalism Review?

In boxing, stuff that are often whacky and weird and stupid and distasteful and unthinkable and mind-boggling are simply just business as usual. But an eight-division world champion, fighting his last fight and immediately going for an election campaign that can not only cause him to a senator but grease the skids for him because the country’s president, calling out a section on the world’s population as “worse than animals?”

That’s virgin territory, even for boxing.

In the meantime, within the watchful eye of an master tactician, Teddy Atlas, Bradley trains inside quiet with the desert and smiles a good deal.

* * *

Bill Dwyre is going to be writing some weekly columns for the Pacquiao vs. Bradley world championship event. Bill was sports editor of The Los Angeles Times for twenty five years, ending in 2006. He would have been a sports columnist for 9 1/2 years at The Times, ending Nov. 25 along with his retirement. Boxing was among his most usual column topics. Bill may be contacted at or via Twitter at @BillDwyre.

Promoted by Top Rank®, in association with MP Promotions, the Pacquiao vs. Bradley world championship event can take place on Saturday, April 9, for the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is going to be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT.

Pacquiao vs Bradley 3

On April 9th, 2016, Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley will face one another again for that 3rd time. The first fight that they was on 2012 and Bradley won from the controversial decision that has been the reason for their rematch last 2014. The second encounter was stuffed with action and Pacquiao won that fight without controversy. For some reason websites as bad the new trainer that Tim Bradley has nowadays, they are offered to an agreement that they may fight the other person again for that 3rd time that is set to get held at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. You might be proclaiming that there is no reason to view this fight anymore as Manny Pacquiao has nothing to prove BUT as a result of well known trainer, Atlas, than the will be a thrilling fight you should never be missed to see. Rumors point out that this will likely be Manny Pacquiao’s last fight and before he can retire from boxing, he aims to get a knockout. The last fight which he won via knockout was against Algieri several years ago.

Pacquiao vs Bradley 3

On December 31, 2015 (PH Time), the state run announcement is made and he confirmed that he's going to face Tim Bradley for that third time on April 9, 2015 as well as the fight is going to be held in MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. For the last day or two in 2015, that is so far the confirmed fight that is going to be live in cpv in 2016 and expected for being the biggest fight to start 12 months.

Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 Fight Now Official

Manny Pacquiao is placed to make a statement at Puerto Rico. A fight between fellow Filipino Nonito Donaire against Cesar Juarez is going to take place and many boxers will probably be in attendance to observe the bout. Rumors have spread that Pacquiao might be to pick Timothy Bradley or Terence Crawford. Amir Khan is slashed from the list as he's going to be combating IBF Welterweight Champion Kell Brook. ‘King Khan’ just isn't fighting Pacquiao so, it's now down to two names.

Timothy Bradley behaves as a commentator on the Donaire-Juarez battle on Friday. Many expect that Bradley will likely be the next opponent for Pacquiao as it would be disrespectful for Pacquiao not to choose Bradley on his broadcast. The Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 would occur on April 9 2016, official statements are actually released by Pacquiao’s camp on December 31, 2015.
Pacquiao vs Mayweather 2015

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao has lost against Floyd Mayweather Jr. last May. For his comeback the coming year, it will be a meaningful one because it would be his last before he hangs his gloves. Pacquiao is defined to retire because he'll almost certainly be centering on politics to be a public servant within his home country, Philippines. Pacquiao is running for just a Senatorial seat and elections is held on May 2016.

“We don’t understand how Manny Pacquiao will almost certainly come back”, Bradley stated. Many are excited to learn Pacquiao’s next move and another bout against any boxer would keep his fans alive. Bradley’s name is making a noise since his recent win against Brandon Rios. Bradley retained his title and set Rios with an early retirement. Rios admitted that his body is just not as good as before. He had his little bit of wondrous victories and receiving on a retirement is the place all boxers end. To some, they presume that it is yet prematurily . for Rios to absolve his boxing career. Who knows he just necessary to rest and prepare a comeback.
Manny Pacquiao Retirement

Meanwhile, Pacquiao has himself ready for retirement, after only 1 more fight in 2016. He promised to relinquish boxing and continue on in serving his people in public places office. Many still wishes to see Pacquiao for the ring and do his job like a boxer rather than politician. If he wins the election as being a senator, he'll almost certainly certainly be aimed at politics rather than boxing anymore.

If Pacquiao chooses Bradley, cpv may not be a possibility since not to ever many fans need it to see Bradley. Fans could have the idea of what sort of fight will carry on and find it quite boring. In 2012, Bradley took home the belt while a rematch in 2014 made Pacquiao a success. Now, your third installment in the Pacquiao vs Bradley is unpredictable. Pacquiao coming from your loss to Mayweather Jr. is hungry for just a win and Bradley recently winning against Rios is really a great motivation to uplift his career.

“I think Crawford includes a very good possibility of beating Manny Pacquiao”, Bradley commented. Crawford’s youth is his advantage however, many thinks will still be not the best time for Crawford to take care of a veteran Pacquiao. Not until Friday, Pacquiao remains undecided. Reports state that Pacquiao could possibly have doubts in regards to a rematch with Bradley.
Bradley vs Pacquiao 3 Possible Match Revealed

Earlier immediately, Monica Bradley, Tim’s wife and manager, says she is for the talks with Top Rank president Todd duBoef. There is a higher possibility a Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 will happen. Negotiations could be ongoing which may have caused the delay of Pacquiao’s announcement.

Fans from around the world patiently waits for your decision of Pacquiao. Of course, it would become the last fight for your Filipino icon so, his fans predict a lot from him. Pacquiao should not disappoint his fans in particular when he is fighting with the last time before finally retiring. Would Top Rank really have the announcement on Friday?

Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 Tickets

Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 tickets are going to be sold because of this website. You can check the page above and obtain the best deal for Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley tickets and you will probably be able to view the fight on April 9 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. This mega fight are going to be live in HBO Pay per view and will probably be sponsored by HBO Boxing, Tecate, MGM Grand Arena and Top Rank Boxing. This might be a great fight and will probably be the biggest fight to start the entire year 2016. Do not miss it.

Pacquiao vs Bradley
Pacquiao vs Bradley 3
Pacquiao vs Bradley Tickets
Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Card
Pacquiao vs Bradley Tale of the Tape
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pacquiao vs Bradley: What's Next For Both Fighters?

Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Timothy Bradley on April 9 has become billed as his last, considering that the boxer renders it clear that she plans to get over it from the sport and pursue an occupation in politics. But recent developments would have Pacquiao rethinking his decision to call it a job.

Pacquiao was elected on the Philippine House of Representatives in 2007, and that he became a congressman really. Now, he’s running with the senate in their native Philippines, but there’s no guarantee he's going to win the race. The latest polls show Pacquiao has stopped being projected to win a senate seat, in line with reports.

There’s been speculation that Pacquiao’s poor performance within the polls may be related to his most current controversy. Pacquiao caused a stir when he made anti-gay comments, and reiterated his feelings after apologizing for his statements. There’s no evidence that Pacquiao’s comments with the exceptional position from the polls are directly linked, however they have occurred from the same timeframe.

Whatever the real reason for Pacquiao’s senate seat when i was in jeopardy, it will raise the understanding of the welterweight potentially foregoing his planned retirement. When Pacquiao was asked in January how losing the election would affect his boxing career, he seemed less sure about his decision to retire.

“I don’t know,” Pacquiao said in a press conference. “At the period, God willing, I’ll certainly be a senator inside Philippines and I’ll ask people of the Philippines should they’ll so it can gain. My attention while keeping your focus is to serve individuals. I’ll ask the individuals if they accept to that.”

There are nevertheless plenty of advantages for Pacquiao to retire, even though he doesn’t turned into a senator. He’s taken a good amount of punishment over time, having 65 fights since he turned pro in 1995. Having won titles in eight different weight classes, there isn’t considerably more for Pacquiao to perform.

A potential rematch with Floyd Mayweather include the biggest incentive for Pacquiao to return to your ring after his April 9 fight. Last year’s bout with Mayweather earned Pacquiao greater than $100 million, and although a rematch wouldn’t generate the maximum amount of interest, it will still offer Pacquiao a serious payday. Pacquiao has defeated most on the great fighters of his era, but he was can not beat Mayweather, whom he’s been in comparison to for a lot of his career.

Even if Mayweather is ready to accept another fight with Pacquiao, which doesn’t appear to be the case, the rematch would only happen if Pacquiao incorporates a dominant performance against Bradley. The boxers split their initial couple of meetings, though most professionals have figured Pacquiao really should have been named the winner both in fights.

There are lots of questions surrounding Bradley’s future, also. Bradley retained the WBO welterweight title (that they recently vacated) that has a dominant wow Brandon Rios in November, and it has his eyes set on winning titles for weight classes at that she still hasn’t fought.

"I wish to win another world championship at 147 as well as 154 and after that I'd even head to 160 to the right form of fight. I'd even fight Gennady Golovkin," Bradley told in June. "I'm able to face the top fighters from there. I'm chasing the Hall of Fame. I want the most beneficial guys in this little resume."

But Bradley has contemplated retirement. His contract with Top Rank expires in 2017, which might mean he's going to consider hanging up his gloves eventually. Bradley's wife, who also is his manager, has told you that she would love him to retire.

"I think it over," Bradley told in June. "My wife and I sit down which has a goal planned of when I will possibly hang 'em up, after I finish my contract with Top Rank. Things change and goals change along the route. Things happen."

Considering there's so much uncertainty surrounding what’s next for Pacquiao and Bradley, lots is at stake of their April 9 fight.

Pacquiao vs Bradley
Pacquiao vs Bradley 3
Pacquiao vs Bradley Tickets
Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Card
Pacquiao vs Bradley Tale of the Tape
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 3 Set, April 9 At MGM Grand

The countdown on the end of Manny Pacquiao’s historic boxing career is officially underway.

More than 21 years after turning pro in the past in 1995, the previous eight-division champ will fight for which could be the final amount of time in his Hall of Fame-bound career on April 9 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The event will use a familiar foe, because the wildly popular southpaw from Philippines will face Timothy Bradley Jr. for the third time.

Manny Pacquiao 2nd day of training for Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 

"The deal is within place," Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum told "Manny continues to have to announce it, that will come (soon)."

The bout may come two years – almost towards the day – after their April ’14 rematch, where Pacquiao claimed a unanimous decision win to regain his welterweight title. The feat avenged an extremely questionable loss he suffered to Bradley of their June ’12 clash.

Each on the previous two affairs together were staged at MGM Grand, that will now play host to Pacquiao’s 10th consecutive Las Vegas-based fight. The event will air on HBO Pay-Per-View, his eighth straight when he and Bradley square off in April and 26th career appearance between HBO as well as its PPV arm.

The fight are going to be Pacquiao’s first (and potentially last) ring appearance since losing a unanimous decision to Floyd Mayweather inside their long-awaited – but ultimately disappointing – superfight the 2009 May. The five-year delay in establishing the sport’s two biggest stars as well as boxers from the ring proved definitely worth the wait coming from a financial standpoint, establishing records with the live gate and Pay-Per-View sales that may likely do not be broken.

Mayweather followed up the win using a final encore of his personal, a 12-round shutout of Andre Berto before electing to refer to it as a wrap on his or her own incredible career. The undefeated boxer decided on top, get the job done event proved underwhelming.

Pacqauiao, meanwhile, was expected to sit for the sidelines for that remained of 2015. The most belted fighter in boxing history – winning lineal championships and major titles inside a record eight weight divisions – reportedly suffered a shoulder injury prior towards the Mayweather fight, that she reaggravated through the bout itself.

During his downtime, that it was decided that you more fight was necessary before opting to pursue a full-time career in politics. Already a congressman inside the Philippine province of province of Sarangani, Pacquiao has officially entered the race for one on the 12 Senate seats under his independent political party, the aptly named People’s Champ Movement.

Whereas he might go back and forth between roles to be a boxing superstar and Philippines congressman, manning a senatorial seat is usually a full-time job. As such, Pacquiao will forget the sport that made him richer plus more popular beyond his wildest dreams.

Still, the presentation is being sold within the merits on the rivalry and Pacquiao’s star power, less a farewell tour.

“We won’t flip it as Manny’s final fight,” Arum told on Tuesday. “We won’t do that with the simple fact that – anything can happen. Sure, it could actually very well be his last ever fight. But should he turnaround one day and say he would like to fight again, we're going to look like a number of hucksters in selling your dream that way.

“I don’t want anyone accusing us of attempting to tug for the heartstrings and claim this will it be for Manny. Say as an example, if Floyd Mayweather decides he would like to have an additional fight, he’ll should explain why he’s finding their way back after claiming he was over after the (Andre) Berto fight. We’re not about to put Manny for the reason that position.”

Regardless, it’s no guarantee that she comes out victorious on April 9.

In choosing Bradley (33-1-1, 13KOs), he lands a reborn two-time welterweight titlist who remains one of many world’s best fighters, no matter weight-class. The always-sculpted boxer is originating off of a 9th round knockout wow Brandon Rios in November, his first fight under new trainer Teddy Atlas after a messy split from longtime chief second Joel Diaz.

The addition of Atlas adds a fresh dimension in an old rivalry, whether or not news in the fight itself isn’t being overwhelmingly embraced nor can it be immediately known if Bradley’s welterweight title will probably be at stake. The belt he reclaimed in June now carries an overdue mandatory title defense versus Sadam Ali, who with the moment doesn’t seem thinking about having to just as before step aside.

Talk has now surfaced of Ali possibly facing Jessie Vargas in the vacant welterweight title fight, which presented an earlier warning sign that Bradley was gonna land the coveted assignment. The 32-year old from Palm Springs was considered one of three final candidates named to land your struggle with Pacquiao. Also included for the short list was unbeaten two-division champ Terence Crawford. Pacquiao, Bradley and Crawford are common promoted by Top Rank.

In that regard, Amir Khan was always viewed to be a longshot on the list of trio previously named as would be a late entrant in Adrien Broner. The four-division title claimant was contacted by Pacquiao’s chief adviser, Michael Koncz prior on the winter holidays. No sooner was he mentioned as potential candidate was he immediately dismissed from your running.

“The proven fact that Broner can market tickets and Pay-Per-View buys along with his mouth and trash talking, truth be told, is ludicrous,” Arum told from the brash boxer from Cincinnati, who in conjunction with Khan is recommended by Al Haymon, with whom Top Rank currently is embroiled within a $100 million lawsuit.

Pacquiao and Khan were former training stablemates, as both trained for decades under the tutelage of Hall of Fame cornerman Freddie Roach outside of his Wild Card Gym in Hollywood.

Khan has since progressed, relocating his training headquarters for the Bay Area where furthermore seeks corner advice from Virgil Hunter. Pacquiao and Roach remain together, as boxing’s dynamic duo has become together since 2001.

Over the period, Pacquiao – for the time an ancient World flyweight champ – added titles in seven weight classes, beginning in reference to his stateside breakthrough performance. Accepting assignment to be a late sub, Pacquiao scored a stupendous 6th round knockout of then-top rated super bantamweight champ Lehlo Ledwaba in Las Vegas to emerge as being a fighter to observe.

The win came for the undercard connected with an HBO Pay-Per-View telecast headlined by Oscar de la Hoya. The two were six weight classes apart in the time as de la Hoya added the super welterweight title to his arsenal using a 12-round conquer Javier Castillejo. They would meet in excess of seven years later, with Pacquiao forcing de la Hoya to stop on his stool after eight shockingly one-sided rounds of their Dec. ‘08 welterweight clash.

A title wasn’t stake from the fight, even so the feat itself saw Pacquiao’s status advance from boxing star to worldwide superstar. He would continue to make history, collecting a fourth World (lineal) championship as part of his next fight – a 2nd round knockout of Ricky Hatton in May ‘09 – then a welterweight-title winning 12th round knockout of Miguel Cotto that following November.

The make an impression on Cotto gave Pacquiao a title inside a record-breaking seventh weight class, adding an excellent welterweight belt to his arsenal having a 12-round make an impression on Antonio Margarito within their Nov. ’10 catchweight bout in Dallas, Texas.

Just eight fights have followed after that, all going on in either Las Vegas or Macau, China, and against only six different opponents. Two from the eight were against another longtime rival in Juan Manuel Marquez, because of their third and fourth fights occurring over that stretch. Pacquiao occurred to a draw into their epic first fight in 2004 before scoring narrow wins in 2008 and again this year.

By any time of his fourth fight with Marquez, Pacquiao was an ex-champion to be a result from the controversial loss to Bradley a few months prior. After three debatable decisions featured in their rivalry with Marquez, a definitive ending was delivered into their final bout – with Pacquiao suffering a shocking one-punch 6th round knockout loss.

The setback was met having a delay, but also with the opportunity to help Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum launch his boxing business in Macau. Pacquiao’s ring return came 11 months later at resort location, outpointing Rios in Nov. ’13. It was viewed a high-profile tune-up fight, enough to have him back from the win column plus line to reclaim his old title. He did simply that in his wow Bradley of their second fight.

Despite their series knotted at one apiece, there is never much demand for any third fight. It can be argued that such demand still hasn’t materialized, although recent changes endured by both fighters – in and out on the ring – potentially change that viewpoint.

Whatever the situation, the mystery is currently solved inside particulars around the 66th – and perchance final - fight of Pacquiao’s historic career.

“Whether it’s the last fight, or “just” his next fight, we are about to pull out all in the stops and treat it as being a big event,” Arum informed “We’re about to dress this with all with the bells and whistles, placed on a strong undercard and provide it because first truly big PPV event of 2016.

“If it’s his last fight, then Manny will then announce his retirement afterward. We’re not about to make how the focal point. It’s an excellent fight between two outstanding gentlemen who represent the adventure – in and out from the ring – with class.”

Pacquiao vs Bradley
Pacquiao vs Bradley 3
Pacquiao vs Bradley Tickets
Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Card
Pacquiao vs Bradley Tale of the Tape

Pacquiao-Bradley 3 - Winner will face Arum grooms Vargas

MANILA, Philippines – Newly crowned WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas has positioned himself for any crack for the winner in the third fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley.

This after Vargas stopped Sadam Ali in nine rounds in Washington Sunday to win the title vacated by Bradley.

Top Rank Inc. chief Bob Arum is actually looking at pitting either Ali or Vargas from the winner from the Pacquiao-Bradley bout this April.

“Maybe we’ll wait for Bradley fight to check if we can put Ali inside with the winner of Bradley-Pacquiao,” Arum told’s Victor Salazar.

But Vargas, whose only decrease of 28 fights was interestingly against Bradley a year ago, ought to be in a better position to land the lucrative fight.

Pacquiao is bent on retiring after fighting Bradley, that should make Vargas hope for just a victory instead because of the American so he’ll obtain a shot at redemption within a rematch.
Sportshub ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

Arum, for his part, said everything still depends upon who’s victorious between Pacquiao and Bradley.

“It’s as much as the winner in the fight but it’s definitely the struggle I want to make, Vargas versus the winner of Pacquiao-Bradley,” the promoter said.

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